Solar Showers


Certificazione CE
Made in Italy
  • solar pipe, basement and all the accessories made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • adjustable shower
  • greenhouse effect achieved thanks to a methacrylate tube

The design of the shower and its round shape have been specially conceived to allow sun's energy absorption at 360°.
The methacrylate used for the greenhouse effect is the same material used for plane windows, and it keeps constantly transparent in the time granting the best efficiency in solar energy absorption. The hydraulic accessories such as the water mixer, the shower head, etc. are in noble materials suitably treated.
The rubber seals, that are made of the same material used in the car industry, have been specially conceived for use in outer spaces. In sunny days, even when water is frequently used, the shower SOL- S can give more than 120 litres of domestic hot water at use temperature.

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Water temperature trend during the day

Here are some samplings done to show that the production of domestic hot water is continuous throughout the day. We point out that the temperature measurement was based on samplings taken from the early morning (8.00) until the late afternoon (18.00); as shown in the diagram, the domestic water kept an average temperature of 33 °C.

Test carried out with the SOL-S shower directly from the manufacturer plant in Cesena (FC), Italy. The data, updated in July 2018, refers to an average sunny day with an average environmental temperature of 30 ° C.


Weight (Kg) 15 145
H x L x P (cm)

224 x 35 x 35

236 x 107 x 107
Pieces 1 9


Tank capacity 28 lt
Water connection 1/2" M
Maximum pressure 3 bar
Minimum absorption area 0,88 m2
Transmittance of methacrylate 92,2%
Net weight 13 kg


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