Water heaters sealed combustion chamber

Storage direct gas fired water heaters, fan flued with sealed combustion chamber and electronic ignition. The combustion is completely sealed inside the combustion chamber, air supply and exhaust gases outlet are made outside the room where the appliance is located. The sealed combustion chamber is placed at the bottom of the heater, under the water tank. The flue hood is placed on the top of the heater; a fan placed afterwards the combustion chamber, ensure the flue gases evacuation and the proper air supply to the burner. Inside the tank there are flue tubes which carry air to the combustion chamber and flue gases back to the flue hood, increasing also the heat exchange. This product range is EC approved according to the European Directives:

  • 2009/142/CE - Gas appliances Directive
  • 2014/35/CE - Low Voltage Directive
  • 2014/30/CE - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive

Domestic Use

Industrial Use

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