Condensing water heaters

Top of the range of ATI production, the gas condensing water heaters of the WHC line are low NOx emissions products, compliant with ERP directive. Available in 4 models with capacities of 400, 500, 700 and 800 litres, performs a modern and efficient solution for users with high volumes of DHW needs in a simple and continuous way. The WHC ATI are DHW generators with electronic ignition and sealed combustion chamber and equipped with a premix stainless steel multi gas burner, methane ready, and a LPG conversion kit. Top quality sheet metal tank, glass porcelain interior, equipped with magnesium anode, and configured as a durable and highly corrosion-resistant product. In cases of no ignition or failure shutdown, the ionization flame detection and control system for the interruption of the gas flow guarantee maximum operating safety. The floor installation of WHC is quick and simple: it only provides for the smoke combustion exhaust with ATI’s exhaust kit (available in various configurations) and the availability of connections for water and gas. It is also equipped with a high thickness closed cell polyurethane foam insulation to ensure maximum thermal insulation.

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