Solar thermal panels

Practicality, convenience and respect for environment are the attributes that for more than 40 years define ATI as a pioneer in solar thermal sector, creating and improving solutions that have revolutionized the way of producing thermal energy. Dated back to 1975 with a simple but revolutionary idea one of the first solar panels in the world with a direct storage and natural circulation system was made by ATI, facilitated to exploit an unlimited source of energy produced by the sun, completely free and with no toxic emissions or scraps. Premising this originated the compact solar panels DISCOTERM, DISCOSOL and TOTEM. Cost-effective, versatile and easy to install devices designed to ensure hot water availability almost throughout the year sustainable manner and chargeless. Designed and tested for outdoor use, ATI solar panels does not require any special maintenance. An important capacity making possible the distribution to more showers and suitable for both domestic and accommodation facilities, from garden to house roof, up campsites and bathing establishments.

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