Water heaters sealed combustion chamber industrial use

SX is the range of multi gas hot water generators (methane and propane ready) designed by ATI for industrial usage, condominiums, facilities and residences with multiple services. SX works with a sealed combustion chamber system and forced draft. Available in 6 different models that fits the most varied needs: 160, 220, 300, 400, 600 and 800 litres. SX is a low NOx emission water heater, compliant with ERP directive. Top quality sheet metal tank, glass porcelain interior and equipped with magnesium anode and configured as a durable and highly corrosion-resistant product. In cases of no ignition or failure shutdown, the ionization flame detection and control system for the interruption of the gas flow guarantee maximum operating safety. The water heater features a practical instrument panel with thermometer, water temperature and safety regulation thermostats, and is equipped with a smoke safety pressure switch and an overpressure safety valve. Thanks to the adjustable flue hood and ATI’s exhaust kit (necessary for installation). SX is available in different configurations, and assembling in any different situations.

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