Condensing Water Heaters


Certificazione CE
Made in Italy
TUV Rheinland
Dimensione XXL
Fascia Energetica B

Condensing gas-fired storage water heater, with 108% PCI efficiency and XXL size of hot water production.

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  • User friendly thanks to digital display
  • Double magnesium anode for protection against galvanic currents
  • Room-sealed combustion chamber
  • Tank with inner double enamel coating
  • Multigas premix burner in stainless steel
  • High performance AISI 316 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Factory set for natural gas with possible conversion to propane
  • Low NOx emissions, in compliance with the ERP 2018 Regulation
  • Several flue options (horizonal concentric or single wall)
  • Automatic ignition and flame ionization control
  • Highly thick closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation
  • Antilegionella function for the tank
  • Low noise


  1. Flue connection
  2. Control panel
  3. Fan
  4. Gas Inlet
  5. Water pump
  6. Flange for inspection
  7. Anode
  8. Steel tank with inner double enomel coating
  9. Overpressure safety valve
  10. 5cm thick closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation


C 1" 1/4 hot water outlet
1" recirculation
 1" 1/4 cold water inlet
1/2” gas inlet

A  1810
B  2049
C  1936
D   1443
E   733
F   990
G   229
H   710


storage capacity  lt 500
maximum water pressure kPa (bar) 600 (6)
nominal input kW 25,0
minimal input kW 5,0
nominal output kW 24,5
minimal output kW 8,3
gas consumption m3/h (G20) 2,7
flue temperature °C (G20) 68
combustion efficiency % (G20) 98
ERP Specs  
energy efficiency class   B
load profile   XXL
power efficiency % 78
annual gas consumption GJ 25
daily gas consumption kWh 31,0
annual power consumption kWh 40
daily power consumption kWh 0,18
mixed water at 40°C lt 729
nitrogen oxides emissions mg/kWh 53
sound power level dB 50
(T cold 15°C / T tank 80°C)
recovery time min (ΔT=25°C)
min (ΔT=50°C)
single withdraw lt (ΔT=25°C)
lt (ΔT=50°C)
water quantity first hour lt (ΔT=25°C)
lt (ΔT=50°C)
continuous output lt/hr (ΔT=25°C)
lt/hr (ΔT=50°C)
Power Source  
electrical absorption W 51
power supply v/Hz 230 V ˜ 50 Hz
IP protection IP 21
Weight and dimensions  
empty weight kg 207
filled weight kg 707
Dimensions cm (LxPxH) 71x99x205
packaging weight kg 229
packaging dimensions cm (LxPxH) 82x110x210


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