Solar thermal panels


Made in Italy

Solar thermal energy is the most suitable source to meet domestic hot water requirements in an economical and clean way. Conventional energy sources are damaging the environment and are becoming increasingly expensive day by day. Solar thermal energy is tomorrow's energy source, ATI DI MARIANI since 1979 offers the most suitable and economical technical solutions to exploit it properly. For this reason we present the DISCOSOL, a compact and economical natural circulation solar system.

This appliance is certified in compliance with the standards:

  • UNI EN 12976-1:2017
  • UNI EN 12976-2:2017


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  • Solar Keymark certificate
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation (no electrical connections required: only requires connection to the water supply and possible fixing if installed on the roof)
  • Reduced maintenance (no heat transfer fluid and does not need to be emptied in winter)
  • Long life (absence of electrical and / or moving parts) Aesthetic integration suitable for any type of installation
  • Possibility of positioning in every context (on the roof, on the ground, on the wall)
  • Space saving (about 1 sqm)
  • Suitable for modular installation (to increase total accumulation of acs)
  • First quality sheet steel tank with double enamelled internal treatment (suitable for drinking water according to the dm nr.174 dated 06/04/2004)
  • Galvanic corrosion protection anode EN 12438
  • Adjustable fixing frame, hot-dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461 Combined temperature and pressure safety valve en 1490
  • Provision for electrical resistance (optional kit)
  • Maximum double-dome thermal insulation and expanded polyurethane


  1. Internal dome in PMMA
  2. Exterior dome in PMMA
  3. Combined temperature and pressure safety valve
  4. Anode
  5. Closed cell polyurethane foam insulation
  6. Tank in first choice sheet metal with internal double glazing treatment
  7. Cold water inlet
  8. Galvanized fixing frame
  9. Predisposition for electrical resistance (optional)
  10. Hot water outlet


  tilt 11° 28° 36°
width mm 1095 1095 1095
depth mm 1093 1119 1148
height mm 649 816 889


Dimensions installed (L x P x A) cm 109 x 115 x 89
Distance between fixing holes (front x lateral) mm 885x555 Ø 12
Capacity l 200
Gross area m² 1,20
Electric resistance (optional) W 1.200
Input / output connections   3/4"
Empty weight kg 72
Weight to full kg 270
Package dimensions cm 110x110x68


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