Solar thermal panels


5 Years Warranty
Clean&Green Energy
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Manageable and innovator. Discoterm S was created by Mario Mariani as a winning idea of conceiving a compact product, easy to install and use, capable of supplying DHW from solar energy. Invented in 1975, DISCORTEM S has been progressively improved up to the current version: a solar panel with direct storage and natural circulation, a 135 litres glass porcelain tank and magnesium anode. DISCOTERM S is equipped with a T&P safety valve, active in the presence of excess temperatures. A versatile product that can be used directly, providing for the installation of a mixer upstream of the utilities or by delivering pre-mixed water to the utilities. DISCOTERM S can be used also in addition to an existing system and used in winter as a pre-heater: cold weather is not a problem and is certified to withstand temperatures down to -20 °C. An affordable investment with great results both ecological and economic terms.

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  • direct heating of the DHW storage as a result of the storage-collector
  • integration
  • reduced overall dimensions
  • simple setting up
  • battery installation possibility to expand the DHW storage volumes
  • endurance and reduced maintenance



  1. High-grade metal sheet tank with double enamelled internal treatment

  2. Combined safety valve T&P

  3. Anode

  4. Closed cell polyurethane foam insulation

  5. Cold water inlet

  6. Galvanized frame

  7. Hot water outlet

  8. Electrical heating connection (optional)

  9. Side seal

  10. Inner dome in PMMA

  11. Outer dome in PMMA




Nominal storage capacity L 135
Empty weight kg 72
Filled weight kg 199
Electrical heating element (optional) W 1,200
Gross surface of solar collection mq 1,10
Max input pressure kPa 400
Combined safety valve T&P °C / kPa 92 / 600
IN/OUT connections in 3/4
Tilt 0° [w x d x h] mm 1095x1095x389
Tilt 14° [w x d x h] mm 1095x1022x557
Tilt 27° [w x d x h mm 1095x1059x701
Tilt 36° [w x d x h] mm 1095x1125x827
Package Pcs. 1
Package Weight Kg 82
Package Dimensions [w x d x h] mm 1130x1130x600
Pallet Pcs. 4
Pallet Weight Kg 328
Pallet Dimensions [w x d x h] mm 1130x1130x2100
Pcs. Container 20” 40
Pcs. Container 40” 80




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