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Ecological, cost-effective, clean and reliable. TOTEM is ATI’s solar module with natural circulation able to offer DHW with zero comsuption and space-saving. An elegant glass-porcelain steel column with a capacity of 120 litres, encapsulated in a methacrylate cylinder. The particular treatment of black paint, the methacrylate capsule, with solar booster effect, ensure maximum sunray uptake and excellent performances. The solar panel, on a full sun day and repeated withdrawals, can deliver up to 240 litres of hot water at operating temperature. The glass structure protects the tank from the aggression of the natural galvanic currents and limits proliferation of any bacterial loads. The TOTEM pipes are made of stainless steel and the connection pipe placed inside the support base is suitably insulated to withstand cold temperatures. Attic, terrace, garden, even on the roof: TOTEM can be placed wherever the sun shines!

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  • direct heating of the DHW storage as a result of the storage-collector
  • integration
  • reduced overall dimensions
  • simple setting up
  • battery installation possibility to expand the DHW storage volumes
  • endurance and reduced maintenance


Nominal storage capacity L 120
Empty weight kg 65
Filled weight kg 185
Gross surface of solar collection mq 1,83
Max input pressure kPa 500
Safety valve TRUE
IN/OUT connections in 3/4
Package Pcs. 1
Package Weight Kg 65
Package Dimensions [w x d x h] mm 480x490x2140
Pallet Pcs. 4
Pallet Weight Kg 270
Pallet Dimensions [w x d x h] mm 2360x1070x1070



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