Water heaters natural flue draft


Certificazione CE
Dimensione XXL
Fascia Energetica C
Made in Italy

TX is the new range of natural draft water heaters redesigned in compliance with the new Low NOx ErP 2018 regulation.

TX is a storage water heater from 220 to 400 liters depending on the model.
The new range of natural draft water heaters was redesigned with electronic ignition and windproof system.
All the appliances produced in our factory are checked and tested.

The TX range meets the requirements of the EN89: 2015 standard and the following European directives:

  • 2016/426 - Gas appliances regulation (GAR)
  • 2014/35 / EC - Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • 2014/30 / CE - Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
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  • natural flue draft
  • glass-lined tank (protection anode included)
  • automatic electronic ignition with flame detection by ionization
  • stainless steel multi gas burner (NG or propane)
  • floor standing
  • Ø120 inspection and cleaning flange
  • 50 mm thick closed cell polyurethane foam insulation
  • smoke safety thermostat standard on all models


  1. Overpressure safety valve fitted as standard

  2. Safety limit thermostat

  3. Control box

  4. Gas valve

  5. Flange for inspection and calcium cleaning and magnesium anode for corrosion protection

  6. Plate tank of first choice (thickness 2.5 and 4 mm) with internal treatment of double enamelling

  7. Instrument control panel (thermometer, adjustable thermostat, safety thermostat)

  8. Draft hood


Nominal storage capacity L 740
Empty weight kg 301
Filled weight kg 1041
Rated heat input [Qn] kW 28
Rated heat output [Pn] kW 26,3
Nitrogen oxide [NOx] ppm 21
Nitrogen oxide emission [NOx] mg/kWh 37
Noise level dB(A) 53
Efficiency % 90
Maximum working pressure kPa (bar) 600 (6)
Energy efficiency class C
Load profile XXL
Annual electricity consumption [AEC] kWh 7
Annual fuel consumption [AFC] GJ 34
Consumo gas [G20 metano] mc/h 2,9
Consumo gas [G31 propano] kg/h 2,2
Mixed water 40°C [V40] L 1227
T cold °C 10
T storage °C 70
Draw-off capacity continuous withdrawal [ΔT=25°C] l/h 905
Draw-off capacity continuous withdrawal [ΔT=50°C] l/h 453
Recovery time [ΔT=25°C] min 49
Recovery time [ΔT=50°C] min 98
Draw-off capacity - single withdrawal [ΔT=25°C] L 1.776
Draw-off capacity - single withdrawal [ΔT=50°C] L 888
Power supply V/Hz 230V / 50Hz / 10w
Dimensions (w x d x h) mm 920x920x2260
Cold Water Inlet [F] in 1 e 1/4
Hot Water Outlet [C] in 1 e 1/4
Gas Inlet [G] in 1/2
Recirculation [R] in 1 e 1/4
Package Pcs. 2
Package Weight Kg 6 + 320
Package Dimensions [w x d x h] mm (630x630x220) , (980x980x2110)



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